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I’m Absolutely Not Travelling With You!

The worst people to travel with courtesy of Amitours

They say that you never really know someone until you live with them. Well the same can be said of travelling with a person. You may not to get to know someone intimately when travelling, but you will sure get a good idea of whether you like them or not. A good travel companion is a hard thing to find, and whether it’s travelling the world with a person or simply sharing a taxi cab journey from the airport into

Prāta Vētra, Instrumenti and Amitours In Brighton

Prāta Vētra alongside amitours cab.

Last weekend Amitours had loads of fun transporting two of the biggest Latvian bands, Prāta Vētra (Brainstorm) and Instrumenti, around The Great Escape, Brighton. The event was fun filled with many bands playing across many great venues in an inspiring city. It’s too late now, you’ve missed out on a great music festival, not to worry though it takes place every year. In the meantime we would like to share with you some mementos. Here’s one of our mincabs being granted

Striking Up Conversation With A Cab Driver

Taxi Cab Conversation

Are you are visiting London for the first time? If so you’ll find a taxi is the best way to get around. It is less hectic than the Underground and not confusing like bus services; it also gives you the chance to take in some sights and sounds en route and relax as you travel to your destination. Making Conversation With Your Cabbie There’s no doubt about it, taxicabs are a brilliant mode of transport; however, there is an elephant

Hailing A Cab: App Vs. Hand

Smartphone taxi hailing app better than your hand?

Ever since the first Hackney carriages of the 17th century, there has been one tried and trusted way of hailing a cab, a method that is universally recognised around the world – the raising of the hand. Cabbies driving along the busy streets of Central Londonsee a raised hand, and instantly know that someone is trying to draw their attention: hailing a cab by hand is simple and effective and most importantly universal for both cabbies and passengers; a person on

The Great Escape Brighton, “Glastonbury By The Sea”

Amitours drives to the great escape music festival, brighton

“Think of it as Glastonbury by the sea” – NME The Great Escape is a music festival showcasing the best of the year’s new music. The event takes place every year in Brighton and has been dubbed by the NME as “Glastonbury by the sea”. Over the past few years it has gained quite a reputation, successfully predicting the biggest in new music; 2012 played host to Django Django, Grimes, Maximo Park and Mercury Award winners Alt-J, to name a

Warming Weather Means One Thing: London’s Best Beer Gardens

Cab drivers favourite beer gardens

British summertime time should be a time to celebrate, don a pair of shorts, slap on some sunscreen, and lap up some rays. Of course, Britain being Britain means that the words summer and warm weather very rarely go hand-in-hand. But that is not to say that the sun never visits our country, you just have to be prepared when it does, be ready to call your mates and head to a beer garden. Fortunately, London gets more sunny days