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A Cab Drivers Guide: Kensington’s Best Tourist Spots

Amitours taxis in kensington to harrods

Kensington and tourist hot-spots go together like bread and butter; tea and biscuits. There’s plenty to do for everyone in this densely populated part of west London and being the big-hearted taxi driver that I am, I feel that it is my duty to show you around the best of these tourist spots, so you can go home and tell everyone just how brilliant Kensington is. Explore Kensington in a Taxi! Now, there’s a lot to cram in here, so

Amitours Taxi Brainstorm From London to Glastonbury

Taxi from London to Glastonbury anyone?

Taxi From London To Glastonbury Anyone? We’ve told you about our good friends Prata Vetra, aka Brainstorm, when we took them to the Great Escape in Brighton. Well today we have had the privilege of transporting them to the UK’s (if not the world’s) biggest and best festival GLASTONBURY! That’s right, Prata Vetra will be playing the legendary John Peel stage on 29th of June at 11:55, should you be there be sure to check them out. Otherwise the BBC will be

Weirdest Items Found In Airport Lost Luggage

Lost Airport Barbie

A now famous stand up comedian, Rhod Gilbert, once gave an account of the time his luggage was only partially returned to him after a short haul flight. His airport transfer was a taxi, the driver also fancied himself a bit of a comedian adding perfect comic integrity to the tale. Check You’re Luggage Before Making Your Airport Transfer!!! But how often has it happened to you? As you’ve gone to make your airport transfer, have you ever felt a

A London Taxi Driver’s Museum Highlights: Not To Be Missed!

London taxi booking to the national gallery

“Being a London Taxi Driver, I Know the Best Museums to Visit” Spending most of your time in the taxi service in London gives you lots of local knowledge. Since most people getting a taxi in London tend to be tourists travelling to from hotels to museums, you get a bit of insight as to the hot-spots! I often find myself checking out these institutions off the back of conversations with my passengers, telling me about something interesting about the

London’s Sculptural Graffiti

As a driver of a London taxi, I see a lot more than the average tourist or resident, when I’m struggling through traffic, it gives me lots of time to think about some of the strange sites I’ve seen in the capital. Cab transportation definitely has its advantages when it comes to seeing the capital in a new light! Image courtesy of Flickr Graffiti doesn’t just apply to spray paint, one of the things I’ve noticed popping up over the

Touring London in a Day? The Taxi Driver Knows the Way

London taxi excursion, Gaby's Deli

You’ve flown the distance, made your London airport transfer and the anticipation is building! We’ve all been there, raring to go. But there’s one snag. Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, been there, done that! London still has so much more to offer, I should know; being a taxi driver that’s been there, done that, seen it all and have all the fridge magnets to prove it! And if you’re like me, bored of Big Ben (or

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