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Super Shoreditch: Creative Destination

Over the last two decades, Shoreditch has become an area where young creatives hang out. Historically, low rent prices made this the perfect place to get an art venture off the ground at cheap prices. Young creatives from all over the world settled and made this place what it is today (and a little help from commercial bandwagoning…) As a taxi driver I’ve seen this place blossom from a dirty slum to what it is today – a creative paradise.

From Heathrow to Kensington: Stay and Play

kensington taxi to the churchill arms

You’ve flown into Heathrow and are wanting to head to Kensington. First of all, I hope you had a good flight and weren’t too overawed by Heathrow – the airport can be pretty intense at times! Good choice on Kensington, by the way; it’s a great place to stay and there’s no shortage of things to do either. Hop into the taxi and I’ll tell you more as we travel. What To Expect From Kensington & Chelsea Kensington is to


Congratulations to the future King and Queen of England on the new arrival! We’re very excited to find out his name. For now though, the happy family reside and relax in Kensington Palace and get used to family life. Oh, and Kate, only a true princess could look so fabulous after giving birth. Congratulations once again!   Tweet

The Big Bad Black London Cab? Pros and Cons of the London Cab

Is London's black cab a good mode of transport?

The London taxi, officially known as the Hackney Carriage, is the signature vehicle of the British capital. If someone flags down a taxi service in London, the chances are it’ll be a black cab. The Hackney Carriage originally appeared in 17th century London as a means to combat transportation problems. These horse-drawn carriages lasted until the early 1900s, when the internal combustion engine was invented and, during this century, the iconic cab emerged. Nevertheless, are these iconic vehicles really good for

Hot in the City and Hyde Park is the Place to be!

Taxi to Kensington Gardens, elfin oak

Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park – the green lungs of London and two of the finest parks you’ll find anywhere Parks are a wonderful place to escape the hustle and bustle of life in this great city and when I get a day off from driving the cab, I love nothing more than spending some time with the family at the park. Over years of working around the Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park areas of London and spending some time

24 Hours in Kensington…

Kensington taxi takes me to the V&A museum

So you’re in Kensington for one day? Let’s make it count! First of all, welcome! Kensington is London’s most affluent area and is home to some of the Capital’s most popular attractions. Even the people that have lived here their entire lives have yet to discover everything  Kensington has to offer, so we have some work to do! Fortunately, as a taxi driver, Kensington is a place I have got to know very well over the years, so I reckon

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