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Kensington in photos

Recently I hooked up with one of the Amitours Taxi drivers to go on a personalised tour of Kensington and Chelsea. We hit all the tourist hotspots as well as some of the more picturesque, quieter and lesser known streets. Touring Kensington in a Taxi turned out to be quite a fun day – the driver adding commentary to the journey with anecdotes and some interesting facts either discovered by his own interest in the area or information relayed via

New Shows Coming to London’s Westend

Harry Hill in I Can't Sing

As one door shuts another one opens, the optimism of theatreland’s impresarios shows no signs of abating. Harry Hill’s Comedy spoof musical, I Can’t Sing, a parody of the X-Factor is coming to the London Palladium in February 2014 with the full blessing of the flat-topped demi-god that is Simon Cowell. Which proves if you can’t laugh at yourself who can you laugh at? The show’s creators agonised over the choice of title and finally decided on I Can’t Sing

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