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Inspiring Advice from the Back of a London Cab

London taxi advice

A Day-In-Day Out London Taxi…. To some people, London’s busy black cabs a part of the tourist attraction, a build up to the destination, as well as an integral way of getting around London; whether transferring from an airport, travelling to work or heading out for the evening, whatever the reason for the journey you can imagine how many people are welcomed onto the back seats day to day. Conversations between taxi drivers and their fares are common; however, the

Things to do in Autumnal London!

The Cab Drivers Guide to a London Autumn London is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the World. Rich with traditional culture, as well as embracing diversity. It’s difficult to choose a season in which London looks its best. I’ve driven through every season and each one brings a new perspective on the Big Smoke. Sometimes I feel quite fortunate to be a London cab driver. Especially as the earth cools and more people opt for a warm

Best Pubs in the Royal Borough…

taxi to a traditional London pub

As a taxi driver who works in the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, I’m keen to wax lyrical to anyone who’ll listen about just how great a place Kensington is. Now, while we cab drivers are well known for our love of fine arts, great wine, and keeping abreast of current affairs (okay, maybe not!), there is another side to some of us that you don’t see – one that involves days off and a cold pint of beer! That’s

Super Shoreditch: Creative Destination

Over the last two decades, Shoreditch has become an area where young creatives hang out. Historically, low rent prices made this the perfect place to get an art venture off the ground at cheap prices. Young creatives from all over the world settled and made this place what it is today (and a little help from commercial bandwagoning…) As a taxi driver I’ve seen this place blossom from a dirty slum to what it is today – a creative paradise.

From Heathrow to Kensington: Stay and Play

kensington taxi to the churchill arms

You’ve flown into Heathrow and are wanting to head to Kensington. First of all, I hope you had a good flight and weren’t too overawed by Heathrow – the airport can be pretty intense at times! Good choice on Kensington, by the way; it’s a great place to stay and there’s no shortage of things to do either. Hop into the taxi and I’ll tell you more as we travel. What To Expect From Kensington & Chelsea Kensington is to

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