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The London Coffee Festival 2014

The London Coffee Festival, one of the year’s most anticipated events hosted by The Old Truman Brewery, has returned yesterday to attract not only coffee lovers, but also cafe owners, baristas, industry representatives, and of course tourists, coming to London to enjoy a fine spring weekend. Running from 3-6 April at The Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, this year’s fest will bring together about 20,000 visitors interested to know more about coffee. During the four days that the festival

A few London Secrets…

For many, it would seem London conjures the same images of landmarks and museums and huge shopping areas and not much else. It is for these people that I write this post. I would like to show you a different side to this beloved city and reveal some of its biggest secrets. Not too many mind, just enough to put you on for now. Oxford Street’s Secret Garden This place reopened in 2013 after closing in the mid eighties so

This Is London!

Welcome to London! We’ve take our favourite photos and our favourite famous London quotes and compiled some images to show off London at it’s best. Amitours may just be a friendly London taxi service but we are proud of our city and want to show it off to you, so without further ado:     Noel Coward Spoke of London’s loose morals in correlation to London’s high rise buildings. The City still grows ever taller and ever more impressive, but do

The Big Bad Black London Cab? Pros and Cons of the London Cab

Is London's black cab a good mode of transport?

The London taxi, officially known as the Hackney Carriage, is the signature vehicle of the British capital. If someone flags down a taxi service in London, the chances are it’ll be a black cab. The Hackney Carriage originally appeared in 17th century London as a means to combat transportation problems. These horse-drawn carriages lasted until the early 1900s, when the internal combustion engine was invented and, during this century, the iconic cab emerged. Nevertheless, are these iconic vehicles really good for

Touring London in a Day? The Taxi Driver Knows the Way

London taxi excursion, Gaby's Deli

You’ve flown the distance, made your London airport transfer and the anticipation is building! We’ve all been there, raring to go. But there’s one snag. Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, been there, done that! London still has so much more to offer, I should know; being a taxi driver that’s been there, done that, seen it all and have all the fridge magnets to prove it! And if you’re like me, bored of Big Ben (or

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