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Canary Wharf in one day

As one of London’s main business districts, Canary Wharf might not immediately pop up in the brainstorming session when planning a fun day out. However, whilst the skyline is made up of towering skyscrapers and the sparkling head offices of major banks, you just need to peek a little beyond the glare of the bright lights to see a whole other side to the district. With nearly a hundred thousand people working in the area, there are more than a

The Big Bad Black London Cab? Pros and Cons of the London Cab

Is London's black cab a good mode of transport?

The London taxi, officially known as the Hackney Carriage, is the signature vehicle of the British capital. If someone flags down a taxi service in London, the chances are it’ll be a black cab. The Hackney Carriage originally appeared in 17th century London as a means to combat transportation problems. These horse-drawn carriages lasted until the early 1900s, when the internal combustion engine was invented and, during this century, the iconic cab emerged. Nevertheless, are these iconic vehicles really good for