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Canary Wharf in one day

As one of London’s main business districts, Canary Wharf might not immediately pop up in the brainstorming session when planning a fun day out. However, whilst the skyline is made up of towering skyscrapers and the sparkling head offices of major banks, you just need to peek a little beyond the glare of the bright lights to see a whole other side to the district. With nearly a hundred thousand people working in the area, there are more than a

Touring London in a Day? The Taxi Driver Knows the Way

London taxi excursion, Gaby's Deli

You’ve flown the distance, made your London airport transfer and the anticipation is building! We’ve all been there, raring to go. But there’s one snag. Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, been there, done that! London still has so much more to offer, I should know; being a taxi driver that’s been there, done that, seen it all and have all the fridge magnets to prove it! And if you’re like me, bored of Big Ben (or