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A few London Secrets…

For many, it would seem London conjures the same images of landmarks and museums and huge shopping areas and not much else. It is for these people that I write this post. I would like to show you a different side to this beloved city and reveal some of its biggest secrets. Not too many mind, just enough to put you on for now. Oxford Street’s Secret Garden This place reopened in 2013 after closing in the mid eighties so

Inspiring Advice from the Back of a London Cab

London taxi advice

A Day-In-Day Out London Taxi…. To some people, London’s busy black cabs a part of the tourist attraction, a build up to the destination, as well as an integral way of getting around London; whether transferring from an airport, travelling to work or heading out for the evening, whatever the reason for the journey you can imagine how many people are welcomed onto the back seats day to day. Conversations between taxi drivers and their fares are common; however, the

A Cabby’s Secret London: London For Those In The Know

As a taxi driver I have got to know London a little better than most. Londoners give the impression that walk around with their eyes closed, sticking to the areas they know and avoiding the tourist traps. At least that’s what they want you to think. Instead they’re keeping the best bits to themselves, and I get to learn about them by driving them there. Here are some of my favourite places, my own secret London. Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese