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This Christmas in London

  London is a great city to enjoy at any time of the year, but over the Christmas period, it becomes something really magical. Being a cabbie in the capital at this time of year is great fun. Obviously, it’s a busy period for us, which is always good; but it’s also a chance to pass on some festive cheer and impart some local expertise to make a visit extra special. If you’re visiting London this Christmas, here are some

10 Iconic Taxis From 10 Iconic Cities

VWnBeetle taxi in Mixico City

Cabs and taxis make up part of a cities fabric, the yellow cabs on NY or recognisable on sight, a tuk-tuk is invariably a part of an Asian cityscape, and the London black can is almost an emblem of the city. What better way to enter a city for the first time than taking an airport transfer in a trademark car? Here’s the ten most recognisable and interesting taxi fleets from around the world. 10. Mexico City – VW Beetle