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Canary Wharf in one day

As one of London’s main business districts, Canary Wharf might not immediately pop up in the brainstorming session when planning a fun day out. However, whilst the skyline is made up of towering skyscrapers and the sparkling head offices of major banks, you just need to peek a little beyond the glare of the bright lights to see a whole other side to the district. With nearly a hundred thousand people working in the area, there are more than a

A few London Secrets…

For many, it would seem London conjures the same images of landmarks and museums and huge shopping areas and not much else. It is for these people that I write this post. I would like to show you a different side to this beloved city and reveal some of its biggest secrets. Not too many mind, just enough to put you on for now. Oxford Street’s Secret Garden This place reopened in 2013 after closing in the mid eighties so

Things to do in Autumnal London!

The Cab Drivers Guide to a London Autumn London is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the World. Rich with traditional culture, as well as embracing diversity. It’s difficult to choose a season in which London looks its best. I’ve driven through every season and each one brings a new perspective on the Big Smoke. Sometimes I feel quite fortunate to be a London cab driver. Especially as the earth cools and more people opt for a warm

Hot in the City and Hyde Park is the Place to be!

Taxi to Kensington Gardens, elfin oak

Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park – the green lungs of London and two of the finest parks you’ll find anywhere Parks are a wonderful place to escape the hustle and bustle of life in this great city and when I get a day off from driving the cab, I love nothing more than spending some time with the family at the park. Over years of working around the Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park areas of London and spending some time

24 Hours in Kensington…

Kensington taxi takes me to the V&A museum

So you’re in Kensington for one day? Let’s make it count! First of all, welcome! Kensington is London’s most affluent area and is home to some of the Capital’s most popular attractions. Even the people that have lived here their entire lives have yet to discover everything  Kensington has to offer, so we have some work to do! Fortunately, as a taxi driver, Kensington is a place I have got to know very well over the years, so I reckon