Things to do in Autumnal London!

The Cab Drivers Guide to a London Autumn


London is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the World. Rich with traditional culture, as well as embracing diversity. It’s difficult to choose a season in which London looks its best. I’ve driven through every season and each one brings a new perspective on the Big Smoke. Sometimes I feel quite fortunate to be a London cab driver. Especially as the earth cools and more people opt for a warm ride to their destination. Destination is my speciality and it has become so through driving the streets of London and observing the places people frequent, or discuss, or even recommend to me while sitting in the passenger seat of my taxi. So now London becomes cooler in the autumn air, let me recommend some places to visit in this beautiful season.

Things to do in Autumnal London

Visit a Unique Cinema

Yes it’s a classic cold weather activity. But in London there are many cinemas with a difference. Whether catching a cult movie at the Prince Charles cinema or catching a midnight flick at the charming Screen on the Green, there’s plenty to make your cinema experience something that little bit out of the ordinary. There are of course many more to choose from, Portobello Road holds London’s oldest cinema, there since 1910 where comfort is absolutely paramount to your cinema experience. Curzon cinemas regularly invite directors and producers over for Q and A’s, they profess to bring you closer than anyone to the film you are watching. And if you just want to be highly absorbed in your viewing, there’s always the 3D IMAX at the Science Museum, South Kensington.

Discover an Unusual Museum

If you’ve done the wonderful but typical trawls of the British Museum and the National Gallery, tired of The Natural History Museum and the Tate. Well it’s time to dig a little deeper into London’s rich history and culture. Try for example the museum of brands, and get lost in nostalgia and a truly obsessive hoard of packaging, goods and toys from the last century. The Huntarian Museum, Horniman Museum and Wellcome Collection feature a whole host of unusual and sometimes quite grotesque items, if that is your thing. There are museums dedicated to London’s Heroes: Sherlock Holmes, Charles Dickens, Frued, William Morris, Keats. There is so much to explore out of the City, I urge you to go explore.

Scrunch through Park Leaves

There is nothing more lovely then wrapping up warm and taking a long stroll through the browning leaves in one of London’s many parks. The park life here is fabulous, so many miles of green spaces for such a built up city. My personal favourite parks are the Psychic Garden in Chelsea, Victoria Park in Hackney and Kensington Gardens in Kensington. Fill your lungs with fresh air, take a camera, the kids, a date and enjoy the full colours of autumn.

Warm Up in a Cosy Pub

This one is for the end of your cold stroll, somewhere to cosy down with a pint. If you are in Hackney I can recommend any of the pubs surrounding the Park, as inviting and friendly. My favourtie would be The Kenton – a short stroll away. In the City head for the Princess Louise or Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese for unusual, cosy and traditional surroundings – these pubs don’t have music so be sure to bring along good company. In the west there is only one place to head – The Churchill Arms. Covered in bloomage during the Summer, in the Autumn the flowers begin to wilt leaving behind a cosy pub with a host of Ales and a wacky Winston Churchill shrine.

London also hosts many festivals during the Autumn,  recommend heading over to TimeOut and keeping upto date with the latest in upcoming London events.

Keep warm this Autumn and enjoy all winter has to offer. Should you need a lift getting there, visit our site and get a quote: